Thursday, December 3, 2015


I' m currently typing this post on an iPad mini during a very long wait in the Hong Kong airport. No one who knows me should be surprised that I showed up at noon after a calm but sad morning of good-byes only to find out that my actual flight had left 10 hours before. Always look closely at those pesky little am/pm letters after the time.  :-) My unexpected, extra 14 hours in the airport actually has provided some great "in-between worlds" reflection time as I leave one of the busiest, most populated cities on the earth to head back to the small under-developed world of Mango. I was here in Hong Kong to visit one of my dearest friends, Melanie. Her family moved to HK 8 years ago with the goal of planting churches while being a part of local community and life-- no mission boards, no supporters, just holding down jobs and family life (they have 5 children!!) while serving a city and culture that needs Jesus.

There's not a lot of insight I could give about HK culture and life that my 3 week visit could qualify me to say. There is a fascinating juxtaposition of tradition and cutting edge, conformatism and wide individualistic expression, British and Chinese influences- just a lot to soak in. I was able to attend a local church plant and see the amazing things happening. Although the purpose of my visit was purely to spend time catching up with an old friend, it was such an encouragement to see how others are loving the nations in the name of Christ. I think the beauty (and difficulty) of travel is that it's so easy to want to live and serve everywhere!
 I love Togo and have no current plans of leaving of course! But it doesn't take long to realize that the call of Christ is not to cities or farms, Africa or Asia, medical missions or sports ministry, but to everywhere. I feel at home in Togo because it's easy to feel at home when you're working side by side with people who want to serve Christ. I think it's possible to feel like that anywhere. You just have to choose a place- even if it's your home town.

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that I was able to spend these last 3 weeks, including Thanksgiving,  with the Case family. The laughter and smiles alone could fill a lifetime. I'll look back on this time as evidence that the Lord is truly kind to have allowed it.

As I travel back to Togo, I'll be returning to some unrest in our town that we had hoped would've subsided by now. For many reasons I cannot go into too many details using this forum, but if you google anything about Mango, Togo you are sure to find a BBC or Reuters article about it. Our team, is safe but please pray for Mango as our town has a long, complicated history. Pray for peace along with complete healing of physical and emotional wounds that run deep.

Thank you to everyone who prays for our ministry and for me personally. I can't wait until we are together with the Savior for eternity~


  1. Been praying about your re-entry into Togo and your life there. May God give peace to your region as the Name of Jesus is shared.

  2. Praying for you Kelly. So admire the life God has led you to lead.

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