Thursday, August 18, 2011

Prayers for the Countdown

I have an official date to leave the country and head off to Neuchatel,  Switzerland for language school on my path to Togo.  On October 27th I will fly out from Chicago (my hometown) and say good-bye for the next two years.   There is a lot to be done before I leave so please pray that I might be organized (which is not easy for me!) and fruitful with my time.  I will be packing for Chicago, to move my stuff home, and also for both Switzerland and Togo separately as the weather is a stark contrast.  I also have a small exam to take on October 10th for the American board of Pediatrics for my certification.  Please pray that I may be focused on my studies during September and pass the exam on the first try!  As most of you know, my mom is also going through chemotherapy currently and has reached the half-way point.  Praise the Lord that she has been able to continue working thus far despite her treatments.  I am thankful that she will finish chemo 2 weeks before I leave the country but she still has a long road afterwards and my heart is heavy that I won't be able to be there.  Pray that she is able to have a good support group as only one of my sisters lives near her.  
I am extremely thankful to all of you who have given me encouragement and shown such excitement about where the Lord is taking me.  As the time counts down, I am filled with anticipation and yet sadness about leaving friends, family, and Louisville.  I could have never planned the last 12 years here in Louisville and am grateful that the Lord has all things in his hands.  I can't wait to tell you how much more He will be moving me and changing me and making His Word known to the people of Togo. 

Grace and Peace.