Crochet TO GO!


Thanks to a wonderful 90-year-old Swiss-Italian woman named Theresa, I have learned to Crochet!  I am hoping to use these skills to benefit the children in Togo, and hope you might join me!

The Idea:  What better way to show new mom's with their new babies that someone is thinking of them and praying for them, than with a small gift?  I am hoping that every baby born at HBB with be able to have a hand made hat, small blanket, or anything else you all know how to make!  You can be as creative or simple as you want.  All sizes for infants are needed.  We have some very small babies delivered here too! Feel free to to include a small message or prayer attached to the item.  You can even make small crochet (or knit) toys!  As the participation grows, I am hoping that every child admitted to the hospital can take something home that was made by someone who cared!  

Who can participate?  ANYONE!  You can participate as an individual, as a group, or as a community! You can get your church or community knitting group together and have prayer for Togo and the children while you knit.  Pray for the child that will be receiving your gift, that the message of the gospel may reach them and grow strong.  Moms and grandmas- what a better way to spend time with your kids and grandkids than to pass on the skill of knit or crochet?!  

What if I don't know how to knit or crochet, but I want to help?
No problem!!!  First, you can learn! It's quite easy (if I can do it, anyone can!) and there are tons of books and youtube videos to help out.  Second, you can send supplies!  Pick out your favorite yarn or some crochet tools and send them!  These tools are not easy to come by near the hospital and we can use them to continue making things for the babies/children.  I am also hoping that over time, we can teach women how to crochet/knit, so they can have a skill that will help provide for their families!

When do I send them?
Anytime!  You can send 1, you can send 100!  I would say to make a goal date to finish by or goal number of items to send.  Tell your friends or crochet group that you are sending items by a certain date, then send whatever you have when that date comes.  No number is too small and I believe that each contribution will go to the child it was meant for!

How do I send them?
Sending things directly to the hospital in Togo is not possible.  Instead, they will all be sent to one address (my sister in Wisconsin).  When she has enough to send on, they will be given to a team traveling to Togo in order to hand deliver and avoid the unknowns of the Togolese postal system. :-)  Contact me at for the address and please contact me if you do not live in the US but still want to participate!

How do I know it arrived and was given to a child?
If you include an email address in the the items you send, I will make sure to take a picture of the child or infant (if the parent gives permission) wearing or playing with their new gift! (the e-mail address will be removed before giving the item to the child to avoid any potential dangers for you!)  Unfortunately I will not yet have the capability of printing out a picture and sending it via snail-mail. 

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions!!

Grace and Peace